Hi, I’m Michele and I am pleased to meet you! Thank you for popping over on your web travels to check out my personal adventures of sewing and crafting. Sometimes my plight of fancy turns into major disasters, all of which I plan to share so that (hopefully) your adventure doesn’t turn into a disaster. But hey, even the worst crafting and sewing disasters have a “what not to do next time” lesson.

I have been dabbling with crafts off and on for many years. I like to crochet here and there…or make homemade Christmas ornaments …or follow Martha Stewart on a mission of trying to replicate a beautiful (insert craft project you saw on her site)…you get the idea.

I am a corporate executive by day and moonlight as a sewing novice and craft creating goddess by night. I find my time crafting in my Lady Lounge (yes…a whole room dedicated to watching chick flicks while crafting or sewing away) is a way to relax from a fast paced day job. I enjoy searching the web for inspiration, or scouring YouTube to find out how to install a snap fastener which poses the question, how did we ever craft or sew without YouTube?

My patient husband watches me in amusement and listens to me laugh or giggle when things go well or scream when things go badly but always provides great support. I like to compare it to how proud a parent may be when a child can successfully color in the lines. 😉

Looking forward to sharing my adventures with you all!



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