Where Have I Been?

Seriously – where have I been?  I think about sewing and crafting everyday – you would think that I would write about it!

I haven’t been spending much time sewing lately, summer is here and it seems that I am busy doing other things with the arrival of the warmer weather.  I did work on one project early spring…a cute little Easter smock for my niece!  To be honest, I think that the dress is cute – but the dress on her makes it SUPER cute.  I found the pattern in a the One-Yard Wonders book:


This book has a lot of great ideas, everything from children’s clothing, home decor ideas and stuff for your furry friend(s)!  What I love about it, you can make the stuff in the book with just a yard of fabric which doesn’t break the bank at the fabric store!  (Yes, for all of you that sew…you know what I mean!).

Front of the smock dress:

Front of Dress











Back of Dress










Cutest little girl ever:

Cutest Girl Ever












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