The Weirdo In Me

Yes, I can admit that I am a bit of a weirdo. I can’t help it. I blame my type A personality. I blame my mother for telling me that every thing has a home. Yes, ladies and gentlemen…I like to organize. If I am not trying to create my latest crafting or sewing masterpiece then I am organizing my Lady Lounge. Recently, my loving and handy husband built me a nice craft table. (Lucky me!)

New Craft Table

As you can see, I settled right in and threw my current project right onto the newly delivered, hot off the chop saw, table. The table is constructed out of unfinished pine…anyone have any thoughts on a paint color or stain color? This is where the onslaught of the messiness started: A new, big piece of furniture, coupled with a sewing project in progress = BIG disaster. What is a girl to do in this scenario? You got it….rearrange the furniture (again, cue in husband’s muscles) and ORGANIZE!

Before picture after the rearranging of furniture:

Before: Sewing Table

More disarray:

Before: Bookcase

Box O’ Ribbons:

Box O' Ribbon

I had my hands full! Luckily, (again, cue handy husband) built me a framed peg board.

Framed Peg Board

This helped me organize those items that you buy for a particular project, don’t use, you try to keep it somewhere for a later project, forget you have it, buy more product, then discover that you DID have some from the last project.  You see the vicious cycle. I was in disbelief going through my things…I am a (borderline) hoarder, specializing in any kind of craft product on the market. But with a sigh of relief I realized that at least I can display my craft hoarding illness to everyone in an organized way:

Organized Peg Board

About eight hours of clean up and organizing later:





Craft Room Disaster

Ahhhhh.  Now I have a nice, clean, fung shui space to create more craft and sewing adventures or disasters.


6 thoughts on “The Weirdo In Me

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  2. I’ve been trying to think of something to hang on the pantry door to hold seasoning packets. Maybe you can come up with a pattern? …I have a paper to write 🙂

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